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DIY Monogram Dishes

I’m a sucker for a monogram. On a bag, on a pillow…honestly, throw a few letters on something and I love it! With this in mind, I wanted to make a special hostess gift for a friend and decided to give the whole DIY Sharpie plate a go.

The supplies you’ll need are fairly simple. White ceramic plates, Sharpies, some font inspiration, and an oven.


I started by scrolling through my collection of various fonts (mostly free downloads) on Pinterest. I have collected a ton over time so it was easy to get inspiration quickly. I could have downloaded a font and used Microsoft word to create one to copy, but I’m lazy and just put together a couple of font ideas and went for it.


Psss…spot my “german wedding” search at the top? I’m trying to plan a simple vow renewal during a trip to Germany we’re taking next year. If you know anything about planning a wedding in Germany, hit me up with your intel! But I digress…

The great thing about drawing with Sharpies in this initial stage is that any mistakes can be wiped away with a wet cloth. It took me a few goes to get the look I was going for, but it wasn’t long before I figured something out.



Then it’s time to bake those suckers. 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes should do it. Take them out…and here’s where it gets important…let them cool completely before you touch them. The ink is not fully “cured” to the plate until it’s entirely cooled, so don’t skip this step or else you run the risk of smudging all of your hard work. Trust me on this one…I learned the hard way.



I made sets of 4 for a few of my friends as hostess gifts. Again, you could probably stream line these by creating a template, but I really liked the handmade feel free drawing the monograms gave me—all similar, but no two alike. Here’s another one I made for a friend as well.



Since I already had the Sharpies, these plates cost me $4 per set—a $1 a piece at the dollar store. They’re perfect as hostess gifts, or if you’re like me, for-my-awesome-self gifts. And these can be modified a million ways; cutest kid gifts for grandparents, cookie plate for Santa, with a bowl you could make pet dishes…see, endless!


DIY ‘Les Touches’ Cell Phone Case

Ever since eyeing the ‘Les Touches’ pattern by Brunschwig and Fils  over at Little Green Notebook, I’ve been wondering where I could fit it into my decor. I haven’t quite figured it out yet (I’ve got an idea), but another opportunity presented itself, solving my quandary, at least temporarily.

les touches

See, I’m an avid phone dropper. I drop that sucker all.the.time. And while my battered iPhone has yet to shatter into a million pieces, I have had to say goodbye to my newest case, a darling gold glitter one that I’m sad to see go.

I’m planning to upgrade my phone soon and I don’t really want to shell out for a new one, so I found my last case, a solid white one, and that’s when inspiration (and a Sharpie) came calling. “This,” said Inspiration, “shall be your canvas with which to draw your coveted ‘Les touches’ pattern on.” I thanked Inspiration, grabbed my Sharpie, and went to town.

Before: So plain…so sad…

cell case 1

After: Lovin’ life with her snazzy new upgrade!

cell case 2

This would also look awesome with the same pattern but in vivid colors. While I’m looking forward to my upgraded cell phone, I’m fairly certain my “new” case will get me through until then.

Enjoy the weekend!



Paper Wreath DIY

I’ve had several people ask me about the wreath on my front door that I featured in the Parisian baby shower I threw my sister.



I just did a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one! Head on over to for the instructions you’ll need to make one…or several…for yourself.

Click here for directions! And if you make one, come back and post a picture or a link. I’d love to see all your craftiness in action.


An amazing DIY office chair make-over!

There is nothing I love more than some crafty ingenuity, and Jenny over at Little Green Notebook blew me away with her inspired office chair make-over. When I saw her post I was besides myself with envy. I.need.that.chair. Just think of all the chair magic that could be done with her idea!



Next week I should have some new “old” to share. I’ll be re-using some of the decor from Big Bean’s birthday party for the baby shower I’m throwing for my baby sister but with a whole new approach. Because let’s face it, there’s never a great answer to the question, “what do I do with all this decoration stuff now that the party’s over?”


Too Easy Tutu

The party favor for Big Beans Ballerina party was a tutu. There are tons of tutorials on how to make tutus, but the vast majority are for knot-tied tutorials in which strip after strip of tulle is tied in a knot onto a band of elastic. Although simple, I know from experience just how long this type of tutu can take to make. I made one for Big Bean when she was a year old and needless to say, it took me forever and a day to get it done in time for Christmas…nearly six months later.

So with very little time and even a smaller amount of patience, I knew I needed a speedier solution. To that end, I created a simple sew tutu that takes no more than five minutes to make. That’s right–FIVE minutes!

You can find the step-by-step instructions on for how to make this simple yet darling tutu here.



Sneak Peek: Ballerina Birthday Party

My biggest bean has requested a ballerina themed birthday party this year, and since little miss is turning the big six, and ballet is the center of her world right now, I am more than happy to oblige. The big day is next weekend, and I’ve been busy sewing and painting and gluing and well, generally getting a little out of control with everything. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at what’s to come.






Next week I’ll post the full party. In the mean time, hope your week is far calmer than mine will be.



Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

Honestly, for all the creative ideas I pin on pinterest, one might think I was brimming with one project after another, but in all reality, I waited until the very last minute (read—must be put in the mail the next day or else it wasn’t getting there on time) to make my mother’s day gifts. I knew I wanted to make something that involved my girls, but it had to be something that I could put together rather quickly.

What I came up with was a small art collage consisting of my daughter’s hand prints and a little home spun painting done by my littlest bean. A little glitter, glue, and rhinstones, and voila! I present HANDS IN SPACE! Or you can just call it last-minute-easy-gift. Your choice;)

I started by choosing three craft paint colors for my base. We did an aqua blue, lavender, and purple. I put my little bean to work, letting her go to town on the two small canvases. They were 5″x5″ and needed little paint, which meant it also dried quicker. And for this project, that was a win.


As they dried, I shook a little iridescent glitter on the paint. While that set, I chose three complimentary colored scrapbook papers for my hand prints. This couldn’t be easier–choose your papers, trace your little kiddo’s hands, and cut them out. By this point, my bigger bean had come home from school, and so she got in on the crafty action. We glued the hand prints, first big beans, then the little’s, with simple Elmer’s Glue.



I then ripped a small rectangle (very precise work here…fold…tear…repeat) and wrote “We Love You” in silver Sharpie. Feel free to insert any sentiment you’d like. Another note; silver Sharpie *sounds* pretty, but in reality was difficult to read. I wrote over it in purple marker.


With everything glued in place, I took my *very expensive and high-tech weight* (stack of magazines) and let the project sit for a solid hour to dry.


After they dried, I was feeling a little left out of the mix and so I dry brushed some of the same paint from earlier over the hand prints. I like the layered look it gave the pictures. Dry brushing is a super easy technique. Literally, you take a dry brush, get a little paint on the end, and tap/rub the paint off on a paper towel until there’s barely any left and THAT’S when you then paint your picture. You just want a hint of paint.


And we’re in the home stretch! Mind you, at this point all we’ve done is let our kids do a little painting, cut some hand prints,glued them down, and brushed a smidge of paint on yourself,  but the next step makes it look like you’ve got a PhD in craftology…or got a bedazzler;) I took a few rhinestones I had laying around the house (yep, they’re everywhere. Very Liberace-esque), and glued those suckers down as well, again, using my trusty old Elmer’s Glue. There’s no rhyme or reason for the placement. Feel free to glue them wherever your heart takes you.



This last step is your call, and it will make the drying time longer (it takes about an hour to dry completely), but I wanted my project to be a little hardy since it was going in the mail in order to get to grandma’s house. I hit my project with a thin coat of clear acrylic spray. It harden all the pieces, and keeps them on there. I like Krylon’s UV-Resistant Clear since it doesn’t yellow.

ImageShake a little extra glitter on top while it dries and there you have it—a keep sake that you can make today and none’s the wiser. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a veteran of the trade, mothering couldn’t be a more important job. Hats off to all of you our there!



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