Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

Honestly, for all the creative ideas I pin on pinterest, one might think I was brimming with one project after another, but in all reality, I waited until the very last minute (read—must be put in the mail the next day or else it wasn’t getting there on time) to make my mother’s day gifts. I knew I wanted to make something that involved my girls, but it had to be something that I could put together rather quickly.

What I came up with was a small art collage consisting of my daughter’s hand prints and a little home spun painting done by my littlest bean. A little glitter, glue, and rhinstones, and voila! I present HANDS IN SPACE! Or you can just call it last-minute-easy-gift. Your choice;)

I started by choosing three craft paint colors for my base. We did an aqua blue, lavender, and purple. I put my little bean to work, letting her go to town on the two small canvases. They were 5″x5″ and needed little paint, which meant it also dried quicker. And for this project, that was a win.


As they dried, I shook a little iridescent glitter on the paint. While that set, I chose three complimentary colored scrapbook papers for my hand prints. This couldn’t be easier–choose your papers, trace your little kiddo’s hands, and cut them out. By this point, my bigger bean had come home from school, and so she got in on the crafty action. We glued the hand prints, first big beans, then the little’s, with simple Elmer’s Glue.



I then ripped a small rectangle (very precise work here…fold…tear…repeat) and wrote “We Love You” in silver Sharpie. Feel free to insert any sentiment you’d like. Another note; silver Sharpie *sounds* pretty, but in reality was difficult to read. I wrote over it in purple marker.


With everything glued in place, I took my *very expensive and high-tech weight* (stack of magazines) and let the project sit for a solid hour to dry.


After they dried, I was feeling a little left out of the mix and so I dry brushed some of the same paint from earlier over the hand prints. I like the layered look it gave the pictures. Dry brushing is a super easy technique. Literally, you take a dry brush, get a little paint on the end, and tap/rub the paint off on a paper towel until there’s barely any left and THAT’S when you then paint your picture. You just want a hint of paint.


And we’re in the home stretch! Mind you, at this point all we’ve done is let our kids do a little painting, cut some hand prints,glued them down, and brushed a smidge of paint on yourself,  but the next step makes it look like you’ve got a PhD in craftology…or got a bedazzler;) I took a few rhinestones I had laying around the house (yep, they’re everywhere. Very Liberace-esque), and glued those suckers down as well, again, using my trusty old Elmer’s Glue. There’s no rhyme or reason for the placement. Feel free to glue them wherever your heart takes you.



This last step is your call, and it will make the drying time longer (it takes about an hour to dry completely), but I wanted my project to be a little hardy since it was going in the mail in order to get to grandma’s house. I hit my project with a thin coat of clear acrylic spray. It harden all the pieces, and keeps them on there. I like Krylon’s UV-Resistant Clear since it doesn’t yellow.

ImageShake a little extra glitter on top while it dries and there you have it—a keep sake that you can make today and none’s the wiser. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a veteran of the trade, mothering couldn’t be a more important job. Hats off to all of you our there!



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    • Roxanne
      May 12, 2013 at 9:34 pm (4 years ago)

      Thanks, Miranda! And the fact that is was easy counts for a double win in my book…’cuz I’m lazy like that;)


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