Mary Poppins Birthday Party

My beautiful daughter turned three this last week. About two month prior to the big event,we were having our Friday family movie nights, and on this particular evening, we were watching Mary Poppins. My daughter is at that tender age where a gentle breeze will sway what theme of birthday party she wants, and so I seized on the opportunity to suggest Mary Poppins. And with constant reminders that she is *so excited* about having it, I took her lack of disagreement and ran.

Now I want to put out the disclaimer up front that I can be a little over the top with birthday parties. I claim it’s a hold over from my childhood in which birthday parties usually consisted of either a maniacal rat with pizza or a few friends spending the night. But the fact is, I just enjoy throwing the darn things. That being said, my new years resolution this year was to go “Roxanne 9.5″, meaning I would dial it down a notch on things like parties, handmade gifts, etc. Because, well, because I sometimes start to look like said maniacal rat after taking one too many things on.

So of course that means I need to hand make the invitations! (Hangs head in shame). Actually, I’ll be honest. If Loralee Lewis made a carpet bag invite, I would have snapped those puppies up instantly. Just go take a look at her work and TRY not to throw a party based off her paper goods! But while her Mary Poppins themed invite is gorgeous, I wanted something more “spoon full of sugar” than “jolly holiday”.

So I created an invite modeled after Mary’s tape measure, with a carpet bag holder to set the theme. And while it’s not LoraLee Lewis (’cause who could wear those shoes?), it turned out darling all the same.


Next came the decor. I scavenged the house, looking for anything and everything that even hinted at being British. Flag? Check. Tea pot? Check check. Mismatched sterling silver spoons? Hell ya…I mean, check.


Speaking of the spoons, I used them as the “stick” to my cake pops. They were perfect for a “spoon full of sugar” moment.



I also wanted to have a kite moment, so I made kite cupcake toppers with kabob skewers and a little bit of scrapbook paper. Easy!


The carpet bag was also another fun touch to add to the set up. I threw in a tea pot, medicine bottle, spoon, and lamp, just for good measure.


And it can’t be practically perfect until it’s properly measured.


The *other* lady of the hour would have it no other way.

sillohetteThanking our friends was simple. A little Target dollar bin find of prewrapped chalk meant all I needed to add was a thank you tag. Sweet!

favorsIt really was a fun, mellow, cheerful party. My littlest bean had a fabulous time with a handful of friends from daycare and an overload of suger-filled spoons. I can’t believe my tiny baby is three! How the time flies…

Isla3just like kites…


2 Comments on Mary Poppins Birthday Party

  1. Kelly Prior
    July 1, 2013 at 9:50 pm (4 years ago)

    I want to know, how, why, where you find/keep all these perfect decorations you display for your parties! Oh…did I mention TIME….??? HAHA…adorable as always!

    • Roxanne
      July 1, 2013 at 10:48 pm (4 years ago)

      This party was seriously one of the easier to pull together as I had everything already…even the carpet bag, which speaks to my varied fashion taste;)


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