Summer Sangria Spritzer

This deep into summer and the nights are nearly as hot as the days. In search of relief, and without a pool in the backyard, I turn to the closest thing; alcohol. Alright, alright, perhaps the two are not the same, but they do go well together, just like the ingredients in this super yum, super easy drink I made up tonight, the Summer Sangria Spritzer!


One of the best parts of this Sangria is that you don’t have to let it sit overnight. The juice that’s used imparts the sugar necessary that usually comes from the fruit.


-1/4 cup red wine (I used Costco cabernet sauvignon. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out. Such an easy and affordable wine)

-1/2 cup Blood Orange Italian Soda

-1/2 cup ripe nectarine, cubed

Add all ingredients together and give a gentle stir. The soda makes it effervescent, it’s light and refreshing, and the best part, its beyond easy. Enjoy!




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