Too Easy Tutu

The party favor for Big Beans Ballerina party was a tutu. There are tons of tutorials on how to make tutus, but the vast majority are for knot-tied tutorials in which strip after strip of tulle is tied in a knot onto a band of elastic. Although simple, I know from experience just how long this type of tutu can take to make. I made one for Big Bean when she was a year old and needless to say, it took me forever and a day to get it done in time for Christmas…nearly six months later.

So with very little time and even a smaller amount of patience, I knew I needed a speedier solution. To that end, I created a simple sew tutu that takes no more than five minutes to make. That’s right–FIVE minutes!

You can find the step-by-step instructions on for how to make this simple yet darling tutu here.



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