How to Create a Beautiful Entry

The entry way to your house is the first impression visitors get of your home. It speaks to your lifestyle and design style, setting the tone for how you want your overall space to be seen. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those areas that often gets either no attention *or* becomes a catch-all for bags, purses, homework, soccer cleats—you name it and for some reason, it’s there.

But with a little thought at some solid staples, you can build an entry way that not only tells guests that you are stylish, chic, and hella cool (can you tell I’m from Nor Cal?), but one that functions for your family and keeps you saner than you would be with all that stuff on the floor.

Entry ways require a few key items to make this dream a reality:

1) Lighting.

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Vitally important, people! How else will you manage to find your lost keys in the bottom of your bag if you can’t see them in the first place. You have two options here; for a smaller entry without much wall space, overhead lighting it your best bet. It takes up less space and can set the tone for the rest of the entry. There are some beautiful flush mount options, but if you’ve got some height, I encourage you to go with a chandelier. It adds a ton of impact in a small area.

Flush mount:

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Your second option is a table lamp (or two). This gives you the most flattering light (read: no overhead shadows to scare the children) and since it’s more diffused, a warmer, more welcoming glow.

2. Art/Mirror.

I LOVE art in an entry as it creates an immediate experience and set a distinct tone. And with all of the amazing and inexpensive choices from places such as Etsy and Saatchi Online, finding the right piece for your space couldn’t be easier.

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But if what you really need is a place to strategically check your teeth for food on your way out, then a mirror might be for you. Choose something with a great frame as it will be your artistic element in the space.

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3. A console in larger spaces or a wall table/shelf for smaller ones.

The console is your work horse. It’s where things get placed (keys, glasses), lamps get set, and magic is made. Okay, so maybe magic is a stretch, but no other piece in your space will serve as much function as the console. So take some time to find the right one. Make sure you measure your space before you go looking, as what looks great at the store may surprisingly be the wrong size at home. I suggest you use painter’s tape to mark off the size you *think* you’ll want both on the wall and the floor and see if it will actually work in the space.  I find a lot of people either over estimate or underestimate the size of the console they really need.

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If you don’t have space for a console however, a wall table or shelf might work better. Wall tables work much like shelves, but are mounted small tables, often more substantial than a ledge or shelf, but not by much. They sometimes have two legs but can also come without legs, freeing up the space underneath. If your entry way is more walk way than small room, either a wall table or shelf can help give you a space to place things without  taking up too much actually space.

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4. Accessories.

Ah, the golden jewels of the decorators treasure chest. Accessories in a space are like accessories on your person—too much and you look like you’re in the mafia, too few and you look like you’re moving. But done correctly, these are the things that pull your space together, moving it from bland to BAM! When considering accessories try and bring color into the scheme from other items in the space (this is a perfect pairing for your art). Look for things that add interest and texture. Try to stick with groups of odd numbers, aiming for no less than 3 and no more than 5 items.

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5. BONUS: A place to sit.

This is not a necessity, but if you’ve got the space is much appreciated. Seating gives you a perch from which to put on and take off your shoes. And if you don’t think that’s appreciated, try sitting on the floor and doing it. See, not so fun, is it? A chair works but a simple stool or upholstered ottoman will do the job just as well.

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6. Extra BONUS (cuz’ you’re a boss like that): Umbrella stand.

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Yes, your space will be fully functional and beautiful without one, but just look at this cute thing! Why wouldn’t you want that in your entry?!

With some strategic planning and a few fundamentals, your entry can set the right tone for your guests and your home. And if you need a few more ideas, take a look at my decor board on Pinterest.



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