Girl Crushes: Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook

Ever had one? You know what I’m talking about. You watch someone from afar and think, “If we met, we could totally be best friends.” I feel this way about many women, mostly hilarious ones like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling.

I also have a serious fashion girl crush on Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo (yeah, me and thousands of other ladies, I know).

My newest girl crush however, isn’t as famous—yet. But trust me, it won’t be long. I just can’t seem to get enough of Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. She’s already very well know among those who follow interior design blogs for her incredible sense of style and down-right crafty genius. She’s also a contributing editor for the newly re branded Domino Magazine. And if you’re not sold on why she and I would be BFFs if our paths ever crossed, then you haven’t seen her latest piece of crafty amazement—her DIY Modern Sunburst Mirror. Seriously, after this post I am completely smitten.

Tell me you don’t want to run out and purchase every dowel Home Depot has right this moment! It’s beautiful and so well executed. I adore design that is both doable and elevated—the way DIY should be.

Have a great weekend! And if you don’t hear back from me next week it’s because I’m knee deep in wood dowels.


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