Holiday Peek: Our Home

Every year I collect images from all over—the internet, magazines, catalogs— compiling a reference of pictures to inspire me during the holidays. I think, “This year I’ll do something new,” but inevitably, when everything gets pulled out of storage, the same stuff goes up.

Now, I love tradition, but the same look year after year can get tired. In an effort to meld my love of new with all of the old, I went for a clean color scheme of red, white, and silver. Tried and true, but the combo kept it feeling cohesive instead of a hodge podge of Christmas stuff.

So come take a peek of Christmas in our home this year…


When you enter our home, you walk into the entry area/dining area, which is where out main tree goes. We cut down our tree this year, which was a ton of fun!


A few other shots from the entry/dining area…


This credenza is usually where the tree goes, so it gets moved to a wall during the holidays.

balls1Another wall in our dining area is the where our bar is. It got a little holiday sprucing up at well.

bar1I adore fresh garland but with as much as I usually use, it can be pricey. This year I decided to make all of my garland with left over scrap boughs from the tree farm. They give them away so it was too easy. Let’s just say my husband could not see out of the back of our SUV window…I got a little carried away with the cedar boughs.

In keeping with the color scheme, all of the balls were silver, white, and red, and even though red isn’t my favorite color, it’s just so festive around Christmas.


After walking through the entry/dining area, you enter our family area. We kept with the same color scheme but this room is a bit more traditional (you’re welcome, hubby).

mantel1It’s also where our family tree goes. It’s the one with all the kids ornaments and those that my husband has been collecting since he was young. They don’t all match, but they’re made and bought with love.

livingroom tree1

A little cheer for the couch.

living room1

coffee table1

And the girls and I made this gingerbread house so the kitchen had a little something festive. That sucker is from scratch, people, scratch! We’re gangster up in here.


And that’s the round up. From my home to yours, wishing you all the best of this holiday season!









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