Drinks Are On Me!

Ah, the home bar. The quintessential “prop” to a stylish home. I’ll admit, I really like the look of a well stocked bar, but the reality is that the only drinking regularly going down in my home revolves around me and a glass (or 3) of wine. That, however, changed recently when we began hosting a quarterly dinner with a wonderful group of friends. With guests, one wants them to feel at home, and sharing a bottle of wine that I may or may not have drunk directly from, is not the best of etiquette.

It became my mission to create a functioning, well-stocked bar. One that would not become a dust collector. One that others would look at and see a good time. One that would trump ALL OTHERS!


Unfortunately, I quickly found out that stocking said bar can be a pricey endeavor. In order to be able to mix a mean drink while not having to sip out of paper cups, I had to think strategically. I figured the best way to approach the issue of stocked-bar-meets-frugality was to have a few easily prepared drinks in my back pocket that used similar base alcohols and could easily be adjusted with items from my refrigerator.

After doing a bit of reading, I found two concoctions that would keep the party going with a minimum of liquor; the Manhattan, and the Kir Royal.

The Manhattan

-3 oz Bourbon

-1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

-Dash of bitters

-Maraschino cherry

-Twist of orange peel

Stir bourbon, vermouth, and bitters together. Pour over rocks. Add cherry and twist orange peel over the cocktail.

Kir Royale (My personal favorite and a great substitute to mimosas)

-Dry champagne

-2 oz. Chambord

-Twist of lemon

Pour champagne into flute. Add Chambord. Add twist of lemon, dropping peel into the glass. Pretend your somewhere fabulous while enjoying it!

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