Baby steps, and other mental musings.

I had business cards drawn up recently. I’ve never had a need in the past for them but in the last few months, as the blog grows and what I’m doing with it evolves, I’ve had more people ask me how to get in touch. Let’s be honest here, Stellmacher isn’t exactly Smith, and as my url is my name, having to spell it out every time isn’t the most convenient, or time effective for that matter. Plus there’s that whole professional thing where you want people to think you actually know what you’re doing.

Welcome the business card. It tells people I’m a professional up in here…increasing my street cred exponentially.

Look at her. Isn’t she a beaut, Clark?

Receiving these was such a small thing but it made me happy in a ridiculous way.  Seeing what I do—and what the blog is about—on paper with ink was such a tangible reminder of how very much I love what I do on the blog; decorate, entertain, create, and live. It’s about taking the everyday moments and elevating them.

I’m thankful I get to share your everyday with you, and I hope that through the blog I’m able to help you make each one better.



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