Shopping Craigslist: Brass, Glass, and Fab, Oh My!

Some people spend their downtime watching t.v. or reading a book. Others might take the time going for a walk, communing with nature. And I do that stuff, I swear. But there is a siren that calls to me, that speaks to me in whispers about newly posted furniture and negotiating prices. It calls to me with its promise of finding the special…the unusual…the rare “free” find worth driving for.

That siren is Craigslist, and she owns a part of my soul.

Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a little but if you’ve read my blog before you all know just how much my little heart beats to the pitter patter of newly posted items. And let me tell you, yesterday’s trolling finds are AMAZING. I have a little list of items I regularly look for, and yesterday I focused on brass and glass, and boy did it deliver. So if you’re in the mood for a little flash and pizazz, a little “of the moment” look, take a stroll through these finds. And if you’re in Sacramento, get on these STAT before they get scooped up!

I’m gonna keep it real with you…I almost didn’t put this one in the post because I’ve been eyeing it for a while and it’s so fabulous and it’s kind of like “If I can’t have you NO ONE WILL!” But then I realized I don’t *think* I have the space for it and I figured I shouldn’t be such a virtual hoarder. This table is just gorgeous and well worth the $100 they’re asking.


And another one I didn’t want to share but told myself to let go of was this set of chairs. 6 for $60! Say what?! The table isn’t worth anything but those chairs, once reupholstered, would be like, BAM, SHIZAM, THANK YOU MA’AM! Just look at that wire curve in seat. LOVES IT!

While we’re talking dining room chairs, take a look at this set. I picture replacing the yellow fabric with a beautiful camel color leather. So pretty. They’re asking $200 but I’d see if I could get the price down a bit with the plan of redoing the seats.

This set is well worth the $40 price tag for the chairs alone. Imagine those is a navy or fushia! Gorg!!!

And this simple glass table is a wonderful foundation and would work with a bunch of different chairs (which you could easily afford with the $100 asking price).

While overpriced ($250? Should be more like $100) this table takes up the funk a notch.


I have a little mental list of items I consistently look for, and brass and glass is at the top. What about you? What types of things do you scour Craigslist for?


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