It’s an Outlander Christmas Up In He’ya!

Most years I’d be knee deep in recipes having to do with brining and spatchcocking and stuffing balls around this time, but next week we’re heading to my sister-in-laws, who kindly is doing all of the heavy lifting instead, leaving me with an appetizer and pie to put together. Thank her kindhearted soul!

Not only does it take a load of stress off my shoulders, but I can wholeheartedly throw myself into Christmas inspiration and planning without the normal guilt I feel at decorating before the turkey’s been devoured.

You know, they say inspiration strikes anywhere, and let me tell you, strike it did! Like a lightening bolt.

Like Jaime Fraser (Sam Heughan) in Starz Original Series “Outlander” based on Diana Gabaldon’s books of the same name.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser


If you are not familiar with Mrs. Gabaldon’s books or the television series, enjoy a few moments to bask in all it’s glory.

Shirtless Jamie

Oh my…

Oh, and there’s Clare, too.

Yeah, she’s pretty…If you like that chiseled, glowing, beautiful sort of thing.

But a third, and often forgotten “character” is the gorgeous Highland landscape of Scotland. I mean, it actually looks like the place fairies come from.

It’s like the land of FAIRIES, people!

Somewhere between Jamie’s sexy smirk, Clare’s…well, whatever Clare does, and the beautiful landscape, I decided this year Christmas would take on a decidedly Highlander-esque theme. And so I’ve been plotting and planning and searching for tartan like it’s on blue light special at KMart.

I’m inspired! Give me tartan, plaid, blue, and roses and let’s get Scottish up in here!

Scottish Christmas


What’s your Christmas style? Are you a “theme” person when it comes to your Christmas decor or do you keep it the same each year? There is something definitely to be said about keeping it the same; it nostalgic and reminds us of the memories we’ve built. But let me tell you, there’s also something to be said about Sam Heaughan in a kilt.

Happy inspiration!

2 Comments on It’s an Outlander Christmas Up In He’ya!

  1. Olivia
    November 22, 2014 at 11:27 am (3 years ago)

    Three years ago, a plaid Christmas would have evoked memories of my grandmothers’ 1980s living room and had me shrinking back in horror. However I have seen the error of my ways (wrapped around Jamie Fraser) and a Christmas glorious in tartan sounds utterly delightful!

    • roxannestellmacher
      November 23, 2014 at 5:26 pm (3 years ago)

      I’d be right there with you, sipping on my hot toddy and watching Golden Girls reruns. Now it’s fireball and whiskey and Jamie Fraser for everyone!


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