Bathroom Remodel

Let’s go back in time to last April. I was working late when I received a text from my husband. Usually they’re full of witty banter and innuendo, but this time the text was far more dire. And it included a picture of this:



I uttered a few choice expletives, knowing full well that something in the girls’ upstairs bathroom had broken. The husband, however, could not find the source of the leak. I figured, “it can’t be that hard!” not knowing that, yes, it can be. I also naively thought it looked rather small so it couldn’t be all that bad.

Oh, you naive fool.

I arrived home to my husband littering our dining area floor with buckets and pots and pans as the ceiling rained. And rained. Even with the water shut off to the house. Seems the water left in your pipes once you shut it off is a lot. And that was lesson number one in what would soon become “Plumbinggedon!”

The hubs found the source of the leak, a little drip coming from the valve under the girls’ vanity…right where it connected with the wall. If you like figuring out plot twists ahead of time, I’m sure you can see where this is going. The $150 fix by the plumber was the simple part. Because the leak was in the wall shared between both the girls’ bathroom AND our master bath this wasn’t going to be simple much longer.

Two bath remodels were now needed. TWO!

Now, this could go one of two ways, and together we had them covered. 1) We cry and shake our fists at the ceiling and yell, “WHY?” into the ether or 2) we cry tears of joy over the new opportunity to update the bathrooms which, let’s be real honest, were desperately needed. Guess who reacted which way?

With our remodel now in full effect, I’ve spent endless amounts of time figuring out what I wanted. I decided early on that I wanted both bathrooms to feel connected, so many of the choices echo each other. That being said, I wanted to do higher end finishes in our bathroom, so while they reflect the same modern traditional style I so love, they each have their own flavor. Here’s a preview into what we’re going for.

The Girls’ Bathroom

Girls' Bath

And the Master Bath

Master Bath

Here’s to leaky valves and new design opportunities!


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