Bathroom remodel reveal: Part two!

Our home was built in 1989, and while the previous owners had done many upgrades, the bathrooms remained untouched. When we were touring the house before we purchased it, we loved the space in the master bath but I just was not feeling the almond and cornflower blue tile. And it was EVERYWHERE! So although the water damage was no fun to come home to, when they said we’d have to remodel both bathrooms I may have danced a little happy jig knowing the days of the almond tile were in short order.

Here are a few befores…so you can understand the depth of the 1980’s that it was rocking.

Before 2





And the after:

Joedy pic 2

I kept the footprint relatively the same, with the exception of removing the half wall in the shower area. The bathroom was laid out well and we saved a ton of money by not having to reroute plumbing.

I mentioned in the girls’ bathroom reveal that I was able to save quite a bit of money by purchasing a large slab of 3cm Cararra marble and having it split into two pieces for both bathrooms. I’m not a fan of the seam that you often get with a 2cm slab and glued lip, and the price difference was nominal, so 3cm it was! I love it.

Joedy pic 1

The cabinets are semi custom, the pulls are Grafton line, and knobs are the Round Glass knobs, both in polished nickel from Restoration hardware.



I did a lot of work to save money wherever I could, like on the tile and tub, but when it came to the faucets and sconces, I couldn’t help myself. These were statement pieces that would make the place sing. I fell in love with these Viaggio wide spread faucets by Rohl in polished nickel and knew they’d be perfect.

Joedy pic 3

Same goes for the Camille Long Sconces by Suzanne Kasler. Once I saw them I couldn’t get over how beautiful they were. The glass rods and polished nickel finish knocked me out and would set the tone for the pulls, knobs, and towel bar. They had to happen, no questions asked.

Joedy pic 4


Since I was so insistent on the faucets and the sconces, I had to be a tad more choosy about other things. I was able to save a ton on the tile for the floor and the shower by shopping at Floor and Decor. If you’ve never been to Floor and Decor and are contemplating any type of project needing tile work, definitely check them out. I was able to match pricier tile with nearly the exact same products at a fraction of the cost.

Joedy pic 5

If you’re in the Sacramento area and are needing glass work done, definitely check out Southgate glass. They were quick, professional, and had some nice choices for finishing options such as handles and clips.

shower stall

And take a look at my solution for shaving. Building a bench seat was costly and I wanted a seamless look with a full glass enclosure for the shower so I had the contractor build a foot box.

foot cut out

Another place I was able to save quite a bit was with the tub. We previously had a deck around the tub and I wanted a more open feel, so I looked specifically at free standing tubs. If you’ve ever looked at free standing tubs, you’re probably shaking your head knowing that they often are very pricey. The one I fell in love with was a Waterworks tub with a price tag of around $8k. Being that I couldn’t drive it to work, I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I did a ton of research and found a gem of a source.


Robert at Bathtubs Factory Direct is a sweetheart and his products and pricing are amazing! He’s able to keep the overhead low by having no storefront and shipping directly to you. Being on the second floor, I wanted an acrylic tub (MUCH easier to move and install) but was worried about the quality as it can vary widely. I found Robert’s website, but when I discovered he was in Olivehurst (about an hour away), I called and asked if I could come out to his warehouse and take a look. He was so sweet about letting me come visit, two kids in tow and all. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the tubs and the fact that they come with a faucet was icing on the cake.

With all of the big choices made, I had only the finishing touches left. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into my bathroom and Talking Heads begins playing in my ear, saying, “This is not my beautiful bathroom.” I seriously am in love with the way it all came together. There are a few things that are still up in the air (the pendant light is a little small for the space but I already had it and free is always a good price), so there may be some tweaking here and there, but overall I’m smitten with it.




I could not have done this without the efforts of my fabulous contractor, Joedy Zapara with JAZ Developments. They worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. If you’re looking for a great general contractor in the Sacramento area, definitely check them out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed touring the new master bath as much as I enjoyed creating it. They say remodels can put you in the grave, but to me its an opportunity to redefine a space and make it as functional and beautiful as you can.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me. I’ve got a bath to go take.



*Nothing in this post is sponsored. All opinions of items and sources are mine alone…because they rock, and I like to talk about stuff that rocks. 

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  1. shavonda
    December 23, 2015 at 9:36 pm (2 years ago)

    Fantastic friend. I love every single detail. That shower is amazing and the foot box is genius!! Naomi wants a big shower like this so ill definitely look at the businesses you suggest when we do our addition. Also that tub under the skylight is just so so good. Just love it all babe!

    • roxannestellmacher
      December 28, 2015 at 2:09 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank you, love! Knowing you, your bath will rock the prettiest boho like no other!


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