I Feel a Change Comin’ On…

It started while staring at my walls. Right after they were painted. By my husband.

It just isn’t right.

But try telling that to your wonderful spouse, who just spent the better part of a week painting your entire downstairs and part of your upstairs what you thought was “Raffia Cream” but turned out more “Golden Wheat”.

“It stays,” he says in his serious voice. “I’m not painting it again.”

That was five years ago. And for five years, I’ve stared at that those walls, waiting until enough time had passed to repaint them. Until the memories of the week of painting it took to get it up on the walls had faded.

Five years, my friends. Five long, sad, years.

And so now, with  the looming anniversary of year five in October, I think it’s time for a change, cuz a change is comin’…whether my husband like it or not.

I’ve been pinning to my heart’s content, selecting rooms and swatches and inspirational images that reflect the mood and color I’m going for. I want something refined, something that allows me to change my accessories with ease, a work-horse backdrop that allows the items in my room to speak, no matter what the season.

Being a fan of change, I really have thought hard about this. I need something that will work with what I have in terms of furniture and art but allow for the addition of new, because knowing my husband the way I do, I’ll be spending the next five years with this color.

I find I’m drawn to shades of crisp white and soft, warm grays. They speak quietly in the background while allowing for the addition of a variety of colors.

I often struggle with paint, as you may have picked up on the fact that I like to *ehem* change things, but I feel confident that one of these beauties has the power to evolve with me.

At least for the next five years;)


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