Dining Room Redo

Nearly every day I sit down in my living room and stare into the dining room, shaping it in my mind into the fabulous space I want it to be, knowing the reality of pulling it together is far, far away. The reason isn’t inspiration (I know exactly what I want to go in there) and it isn’t desire (I want to do it RIGHT NOW) but its budgetation (like my made up word?). Why can’t money grow on trees?

I would love Zuber paper. Alas, I am not living in the White House:


Or de Gournay. Alas, I am not living in this house:

Why must you forsake me, oh mural gods!

Instead, I’m wondering if I have it within me to do this:


Now, granted, it’s not to scale and I didn’t finish it, but…could I? Or is this just some sort of masochistic day dream? And while it would never look like Zuber of de Gournay (as if), what it might look like is my own art on my own walls with an awful lot of time, and artisanship, and love. And really, that’s what I’m always going for, whether for my clients or in my own home–something that says, “It’s me.”

Crazy or inspired?! Seriously, weigh in here, people. I’m split between ambition and reality check right now.


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  1. Tiffany Concklin
    March 22, 2016 at 7:40 am (1 year ago)

    Creative minds and hands are always creating… It’s what we “have to do!” We can’t help ourselves. Life is full of inspiration but “time” is limited. I try and weigh what’s really important to me in the “place and time” that I find myself. You are such a talented person who inspires me! As a mom, and a creative person myself, it’s hard to find the balance. Time goes so quickly and our little ones grow up too fast, we always have to count the costs. Either way, you’ll know when it’s time and when it is… you’ll not ease to blow our minds with your talent.


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