Guest Blogger: Jessica with Fit and Crafty!

Jessica is a dear friend of mine and as soon as I saw this post on her blog, Fit and Crafty, I figured I’d cash in my friendship chips and beg her to let me feature it. I seriously swooned when I spotted her DIY Anthropologie Stacked Horn Base lamps. She did an amazing job, and at $24 per lamp WITH the shade, they’re a steal compared to the $598 price tag Anthropologie has on just one.








Head over to her blog and Check out these amazing lamps for yourself. DIY instructions are included and couldn’t be easier. Thanks, Jessica, for letting me share your post!


A Fall Update for the Book Wreath

Remember the book wreath I did over at



One of my favorite things about this wreath is the hundred and one ways you can restyle it. Here it is last Halloween:


And this past August at my sister’s baby shower:



Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving I wanted to use it once again. After a morning walk at the park and some ribbon and hot glue I refashioned it once more for fall.


When I spotted these acorns I knew they had to be mine. Filling my pockets with them like a clepto squirrel, I ran back home and into the loving arms of my glue gun. We brought some pretty olive grosgrain ribbon into the mix and had ourselves a party!


I cut a length of ribbon long enough that when folded almost in half, it hung freely through the middle of the wreath without dropping onto the paper. I then put a bead of glue 1 1/2 inches from the bottoms of both sides and pinched them together.

drop of gluewm


Placing a larger bead of glue in the bottom of the pleat you’ve created, push an acorn into the space and hold it until it cools.



Next, cut a second length of ribbon twice as long as the first, long enough so that you can fold the ribbon on top of itself twice, forming two loops. This is basically like a bow without the knot.



Layer the ribbons, first the looped ribbon, then the acorn ribbon on top of each other. Using a few clothing pins, secure the ribbons into the back of the wreath at the hook. This will allow your ribbon to drape nicely when hung.


And that’s it! A simple adjustment to a now standard piece of decor in our house, the fall update on the paper wreath has me going nuts (okay…lame joke, but hey, I can’t help but be a-corny sometimes (see what I did there?;).






Halloween 2013 Decor

Gearing up for Halloween around here is always a last minute thing. It starts with grand plans and usually ends up being a piece meal affair. But those little steps add up, and by Halloween we’re set…to start taking down. However, in an attempt to get my act together a bit more this year, I aimed to be mostly done by the week before Halloween.

I decided to go with a witches theme this year. Nothing too extreme, just a little hat and cauldron action. There may be a broom in there for good measure.


Move in a little closer and you start to see all the little details that make this entry so much fun.




We even threw out a few grave markers, just enough to keep it spooky.



And my absolute favorite thing about the entry this year is the cauldron. On a small table covered with black cheese cloth I layered a wreath of grape vine followed by some orange tissue paper. Inside the paper I wrapped a cord of orange Halloween lights and then placed the cauldron on top. Lit up at night it gives the appearance of fire boiling the ingredients in the pot. I also added poly fill to make it look like steam bubbling inside.


Moving inside I stuck with my color palette of creams and blacks on the mantel. I started with an old bird cage I had and placed several crows and an owl around. I added two urns, each with a white pumpkin atop, and finished it off with a few old books, bottles, and a skull for good measure.




So that’s it. I’ve still got a couple of things to do around the house in preparation for our Halloween party this weekend, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Now if only I could get someone to come and put all this stuff away next weekend.




Intentional Gratitude: Thankful Conversation Starters

With Halloween on the horizon and the holiday season gearing into action, it’s easy to lose sight of the everyday moments, the ones that make us smile and remind us of how fortunate we are. In an effort to be more conscious and thankful this holiday season, I devised a simple way to remind myself and my family of our blessings.

large image thankful

On small strips of paper I wrote conversation starters. They all began with the phrase, “a time you were thankful for…” followed by a different prompt such as, “home, Mom, Dad, being a sister, bad weather, etc”. I filled a vase with the prompts and placed them on the dinner table. While we had a meal we each chose one. A simple act but one that made us remember just how fortunate we are—how much gratitude resides in our home.

thankful detail

This activity is perfect for the holidays, or any time you need a gentle reminder of how blessed your life truly is.


DIY Styrofoam Ghosts

DIY Styrofoam ghosts

Simple to make and cute as can be, these DIY Styrofoam ghosts are an easy way to add a little fright to your Halloween night. Head on over to to get all the direction you need to make a few ghostly friends for your own home.

And come back to visit soon as I’ll be adding to the spook with a few other ideas just in time for the scariest night of the year!



DIY Pillow Sham Tutorial

When updating my living room for fall, a key piece to the revamp were new pillows. If you’re anything like me, you *may* just have way too many pillows already, and so instead I opted to make new pillow shams.


I snagged this suzani pattern by Waverly called Solar Flair in Onyx and Lilac at Joann’s with a 40% off coupon. I also grabbed two hidden zippers, and armed with my pretty new fabric, I made a date with my sewing machine.

Sewing a pillow sham couldn’t be simpler and it enables you to change your pillows with your decor easily and inexpensively. It also saves you from feeling guilty for buying yet another throw pillow.

What you’ll need for two pillows:

  • 2 yards fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine or needle for hand sewing
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Two 20″ pillow inserts
  • Two invisible zippers

What you’ll do:

  1. Begin by cutting four 20.5″ x 20.5″ squares of fabric. Set aside.
  2. Unzip one of the zippers almost completely and then pin one side of the invisible zipper face down against the right side of the fabric. Sew the piece as close to the zipper chain as possible.
  3. Now zip up the zipper and pin the unsewn side of the zipper to your other piece of fabric. Make sure right sides face each other. Unfold the fabric and sew the zipper to the opposite fabric square. Now refold so that that the right sides are once again facing each other.
  4. Pin around the entire edge of the fabric. Once secured, partially unzip the zipper so that you can turn the form right-side out later.
  5. Starting at the edge of one side of the zipper, sew over it, making sure to double back a few times. Continue sewing a 1/2″ in from the edge of the fabric, enclosing your pillow around the edge of the fabric. Make sure to double back over the end as well.
  6. Trim any excess zipper.
  7. Turn your case right-side out and give yourself a round of applause. Now put your pillow form in and set that bad boy out for all to see.

Sewing can be intimidating but this is a project even the most novice seamstresses can accomplish. If you get your sew on, make sure to come back and post a pic. I’d love to see your talent in action!


Fall Update Reveal: Seeing Purple

After my last post about updating my family room for fall, and all of the wonderful feedback I received on the blog and my facebook page, I couldn’t help but choose the purple color wheel. I mean, what says fall more than purple? Okay, maybe orange…which was my other option…but the purple was unexpected and felt fresh.

The summer set up:

current living room

Armed with a rough plan for subtle seasonal updating, I started by shopping my house for items I could move from other rooms, wanting to buy as little as possible to make it happen. I moved the mauve drapes from my spare room into the living room. I also brought in a textile I use in the spare bedroom onto the chair in order to bring more shades of purple into the space.


I stuck with gray and shades of cream as the background to the purple and brought in hints of gold to amp up the glamour factor. While subtle, I feel like the overall effect is a richer, fresher version of the room.


I did, however, buy something (as if I could resist). See those pretty little pillows on my couch? I’m a sucker for suzani patterns, and when I saw this Waverly pattern called Solar Flair in Onyx and Lilac I was sold. Problem was, said fabric was on a bolt at Joann’s…and not on a pillow. But y’all know I’m a problem solver so I bought a yard with my snazzy 40% off coupon and made them instead. I even put in a hidden zipper (to the amazement of my husband…wait, why was he so amazed? I think this may have been an insult in disguise…). I’ll have a tutorial on that shortly. The fabric is currently on serious sale…a double bonus if you’re looking for something similar.


All in all, I’m pretty happy with the effect. I’m gearing up for bringing in Halloween decor shortly (I’m thinking about black and cream) and the subtle purple will work well with it and will transition nicely into the Thanksgiving holiday. Which is good, because I have enough decorating and crafts to keep me busy right now…at least until Christmas rolls around.


Craigslist Couch Revisioned

I like to think that Craigslist and I have a mutually loving relationship, one in which I shop it like the thrifty-heaven it is, and in turn it thanks me for venerating it the way I do with the best bargains. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that there is little, given enough time and commitment to browsing, that I can’t discover on there, while spotting gems along the way.

I like to window shop CL for fun and often post my little finds on my facebook profile. I’ve made many a love matches this way, helping connect my friends with CL gems like I work at for second-hand goods. I was doing just such a thing when I spotted this little beauty.

plaid couch1

That plaid! It’s not only the pattern of the season, but the colors were such a fabulous combination. I could see it immediately–a rough luxe mix of midcentury and antique, with a bit of muted graphic to keep it contemporary. And at $150, if I didn’t already have a couch this baby would be mine like yesterday.

Plaid fall 2013 collection

With a little twist and a few accessories, this couch has thoroughly found its way into fall. Now if only the California weather would do the same.

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DIY ‘Les Touches’ Cell Phone Case

Ever since eyeing the ‘Les Touches’ pattern by Brunschwig and Fils  over at Little Green Notebook, I’ve been wondering where I could fit it into my decor. I haven’t quite figured it out yet (I’ve got an idea), but another opportunity presented itself, solving my quandary, at least temporarily.

les touches

See, I’m an avid phone dropper. I drop that sucker all.the.time. And while my battered iPhone has yet to shatter into a million pieces, I have had to say goodbye to my newest case, a darling gold glitter one that I’m sad to see go.

I’m planning to upgrade my phone soon and I don’t really want to shell out for a new one, so I found my last case, a solid white one, and that’s when inspiration (and a Sharpie) came calling. “This,” said Inspiration, “shall be your canvas with which to draw your coveted ‘Les touches’ pattern on.” I thanked Inspiration, grabbed my Sharpie, and went to town.

Before: So plain…so sad…

cell case 1

After: Lovin’ life with her snazzy new upgrade!

cell case 2

This would also look awesome with the same pattern but in vivid colors. While I’m looking forward to my upgraded cell phone, I’m fairly certain my “new” case will get me through until then.

Enjoy the weekend!



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