Freshening up for fall

I’m one of *those* people. You know them. You can clearly tell what season/holiday is coming up just by coming by. Let me be totally honest– I adore the changing of season…and decorating…and one adoration scratches the back of the other in this instance. So with fall swiftly approaching, I took my living room into virtual reality and came up with two ideas to freshen up my decor for fall.

Here’s what I’m starting with. I’ve been into a neutral palette lately, but fall is definitely the time when color comes into play around these parts. I’m a big believer that your foundation pieces—sofas, chairs, etc—should be neutral with color coming in the form of accents. This design belief gives me a lot of room to play with accessories while not having to reupholster my sofa every year (who can afford that?).

current living room


And just so y’all know I’m keeping it real, look at my side table…see all that stuff piled in there? I’ve got my girls and their coloring books to thank for that mess.

I’m envisioning the space warmer and richer for fall. I created two different pallets to work within that goal; one with purples and mauves, the other with burnt orange and hints of dusty blue.




Which do you prefer? Any other color palettes I should contemplate?

Paper Wreath DIY

I’ve had several people ask me about the wreath on my front door that I featured in the Parisian baby shower I threw my sister.



I just did a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one! Head on over to for the instructions you’ll need to make one…or several…for yourself.

Click here for directions! And if you make one, come back and post a picture or a link. I’d love to see all your craftiness in action.


Le Bebe: A Parisian Baby Shower

My baby sister is having her second child, a girl, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate my little niece in style. I mentioned in my last post that I’d be reusing some decor for Big Bean’s Ballerina birthday party. I used the same back drop as the starting point for the Parisian theme I went with. By adding black and white stripes I was able to give the same look a decidedly French feel. Well, that and an Eiffel Tower for good measure. I tried to evoke a cafe feel to the setting without plastering everything with Eiffel Towers and I think it turned out sweet without being too precious. Enjoy!


Guest were greeted with a little nod to who we were celebrating at the door.



The games started the moment they came in the door. I’m not one for shower games in general, but the clothes pin game is always an easy one to play.

chalk board


The table was set with a casual collection of flowers from my garden in a variety of different glass vases. I wanted a relaxed feel so I used craft paper as my table cloth and added the plate-fork-knife drawing at each setting. I’ll have a small tutorial on an easy way to do that soon!



The dessert bar was simple; cake, gallettes, and madeleines. The hot air balloons were a fun and easy craft that added just a touch of black and white stripe to define the theme as it’s own against the same backdrop from the Ballerina party.




A tutorial is coming for how to make these hot air balloons soon!


I also made these burlap signs to continue the french theme into the living room.

bebe sign

Guests enjoyed a french menu…so there was cheese…lots of cheese. And quiche. Which I thought would be darling as little personal sized pies. Six hours of baking later, I have since changed my mind. Personal sized quiche suck unless you’ve got yourself one of those fancy pans that makes 12 at a time. My little 4-pie pan mocked my attempt at being darling.



What didn’t suck were these guys. The water was watermelon and mint infused and I brewed the tea the day before with french lavender. Both were delish!



My sister was surrounded by friends and family, many of who are crafty themselves. One of her friends made this darling diaper cake. Such a cute gift!


And this little girl will have more clothes than she’ll be able to wear before she grows out of them!


It was a wonderful day and I can’t wait to meet my new love, the…


Keep an eye out for a tutorial on mass producing the plate-fork-knife drawing on craft paper as well as the hot air balloons in the next few days!


An amazing DIY office chair make-over!

There is nothing I love more than some crafty ingenuity, and Jenny over at Little Green Notebook blew me away with her inspired office chair make-over. When I saw her post I was besides myself with envy. I.need.that.chair. Just think of all the chair magic that could be done with her idea!



Next week I should have some new “old” to share. I’ll be re-using some of the decor from Big Bean’s birthday party for the baby shower I’m throwing for my baby sister but with a whole new approach. Because let’s face it, there’s never a great answer to the question, “what do I do with all this decoration stuff now that the party’s over?”


Too Easy Tutu

The party favor for Big Beans Ballerina party was a tutu. There are tons of tutorials on how to make tutus, but the vast majority are for knot-tied tutorials in which strip after strip of tulle is tied in a knot onto a band of elastic. Although simple, I know from experience just how long this type of tutu can take to make. I made one for Big Bean when she was a year old and needless to say, it took me forever and a day to get it done in time for Christmas…nearly six months later.

So with very little time and even a smaller amount of patience, I knew I needed a speedier solution. To that end, I created a simple sew tutu that takes no more than five minutes to make. That’s right–FIVE minutes!

You can find the step-by-step instructions on for how to make this simple yet darling tutu here.



Easily Display Kids’ Art With Push-Pin Clips

I had these darling glittered clothes pins left over from the big bean’s birthday party and although they’d done their job, I wasn’t ready to get rid of them quite yet. Then I remembered that I had some darling counting prints that I had purchased ages ago. And then, MAGIC! Okay, maybe not magic, but the two converged and became darling wall art in the girls’ playroom. Plus, I can reuse the pin clips for the girls’ artwork.

What you’ll need:


  • push pins
  • clothes pins (mine were already glittered but you could do this step with plain ones or scrapbook paper)
  • hot glue gun
  • art

What you’ll do:

Step 1: Hot glue the push pins to the back of your clothes pins. I applied the glue to the push pin first. Then I added a little bit of extra glue on top of the push pin edge so that it would be firmly attached to the clothes pin.





Step 2: Pat yourself on the back…you’re done! Seriously, this is such a simple way to make displaying children’s art work or prints easier. Now your pins are ready to go up on the wall along with your images.

close up

hung pics

Have a great rest of the weekend!


A Very Ballerina Birthday

My big bean turned six this last Saturday and per her request we celebrated with excessive sums of pink and all things ballet. See, she’s *really* into ballet right now and there was no persuading her otherwise (see my post about birthday persuasion here). Armed with tutus, frosting, and enough estrogen to make a grown man cry, we had ourselves an amazing day celebrating my first baby.


I started by painting the backdrop. I knew I wanted it to look like a set backdrop in a production and that I wanted it to highlight the desserts. Using those ideas as my guidelines, I painted the piece with colors that would set the tone for the party.

I also went with mainly sweet treats for food. I knew that this party might send someone into a sugar coma, but I figured, “Hey, what’s a little sugar-induced-child-out-of-control among friends?”





And there was no way I could pass up on vintage ballerina cupcake toppers. I may have planned most of the party just so I could have these.

cupcake ballerinaswm

The birthday girl got her own ballerina as well.



The meringues were from Trader Joe’s (love that place) and the donuts were store bought, to which I added a little extra icing so my nonpareils would stick. And those petit fours? A Pinterest fail. I’d thank Amy Atlas (it’s her recipe) for nothing but I’m fairly certain hers would be perfection and mine are simply a result of user error.





With the girls sufficiently sugared up, we proceeded to get jiggy dance gracefully with the tutus I made for the girls. We had a hair station for those without proper buns and did face paint because, well, because it’s awesome.







We also made pipe cleaner crowns. Now, I had it in my head that I would make those beautiful vintage lace crowns all over Pinterest, but then I remembered I’m not *that* crazy and instead enlisted the ballerinas to make them.



The big bean was spoiled rotten by all of her adorable friends.



And she even gave me a little love in between scenes.



All in all, it was a wonderful birthday.




Inspired Design

So often we look at images in magazines, oohing and ahhing over gorgeous spaces, wondering why our own homes don’t look like those on the pages. Sometimes it’s not knowing how to pull it all together, other times it’s money (let’s be honest, it’s often money). Inspired Design will be a recurring post that focuses on recreating the feel of the spaces we long for in magazines by focusing on the similar items that give the space life.

Take for instance Lauren Buxbaum’s home for Lonny. This space radiates contrast between dark and light, feminine and masculine while providing the perfect touch of gilt to set it off.

living room

via Lonny

The key to recreating a similar feel is finding pieces that speak exactly to those hallmarks. Curves with a slight touch of baroque. Heavy blacks against clouds of creams and whites. Angular squares softened by tufted velvet. Something dark. A touch of blush and wood to keep it warm.

OB-Lauren Baxbaum


Have a space that you love but don’t know how to recreate? Send me an email and it may show up as a featured space in the near future!


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